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They are suffering

Cases of poisonings, beatings, hot boiling water being thrown on them etc. are rampant. 

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Inhumane population management practices must stop

The public complaints result in mass catching of these dogs by the town councils. Most are euthanized. A few councils relocate them in desolate areas without food or water. Very few councils allow NGO's to practice Trap-Neuter-Return Manage (TNR-M)

Curb Irresponsible Pet Ownership

Poor enforcement of punishment for pet abandonment which is a felony under Section 29 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015, 

If found guilty, owners who abandon their pets could be fined a maximum of RM100,000 or be jailed for up to three years or both.

We must pressure authorities to act.


Shelter's are struggling

Shelters in Malaysia are overcrowded, understaffed, and struggling financially.


Sheltering is not the solution for healthy street dogs.

We need to help preach widespread tolerance of these strays as community dogs, especially after neutering and vaccinating them for rabies.


Pressure DVS and MVC to curb red tape

Policies that the Department of Veterinary Services and Malaysia Veterinary Council have in place now make it very difficult for international volunteer organizations to join hands with Malaysians on the grounds to carry out mass- neutering programs for strays. Shelter's are also not allowed to engage veterinarians to mass neuter strays on their premises.


Fund widespread educational, awareness and tolerance programs

Help pay for ads and posts using social media, press, television and newspapers as tools to educate those using religion or human superiority to justify ill-treating the strays dogs in the name of public safety. Promote TNR-M instead. No religion encourages its followers to harm any animals and god's creations.

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